Privacy Policy

The University of Alberta has worked to develop a general privacy statement and policy for its websites. Many websites associated with the University of Alberta will, however, need to include additional information about their policies and practices. You must include a link to your privacy statement from every page of your site.

While you may wish to use the University of Alberta Privacy Statement as a template for building your own, this guide will help you customize your website’s privacy statement as you consider particular areas of concern for your users. In every case, you must collect personal information according to section 33 (c) of the FOIP Act. This means that you must only collect information that is related directly to and is necessary for the activities of the university including admission, registration, and education programs.

Issues addressed in this guide include cookies, e-mail, web forms, discussion groups, and systems of records. You should include specific descriptions of your use of these technologies in your privacy statement.

In addition, if your website uses technologies that collect information which are not addressed in the general privacy statement or in this document, you should make efforts to inform your users of the use and purpose of such technologies.

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Privacy policy